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The perfect side job or more — you decide!

Whether you want a nice side income or more than that, the choice is up to you. Anything is possible with MAGNETIX Wellness. The best thing is: You can get started without having to make any commitments or minimum orders — right now if you want!

„At the beginning I made small goals for myself for what I wanted to earn each month. It was around 100, 150 pounds, which I started earning right away!“

Sylvia R.

„I'm a farmer by trade and run my own business. Since I started with MAGNETIX, I actually make more there than in farming.“

Benedict F.

Our Wellness products

Magnetic jewellery & — accessories, water sticks, magnetic cushions, bandages, anklets, magnets for animals, the exclusive Tourmaline skin care line or our precious Perfumes for Wellness – you’ll love them!

Becoming a consultant doesn’t even have to cost anything!

Here’s how it works: You host a party or presentation and an experienced consultant will come to you with their jewellery. With the proceeds from the party you can pay the deposit on your own starter kit!

  • Starter kit with catalogues, flyers
  • 10 bracelets, 2 necklaces, 2 pendants, 2 rings and more

Magnetic jewellery and wellness accessories:
 You'll be thrilled with the original!

MAGNETIX Wellness founder Petra Döring launched the first designer magnetic jewellery collection in 1999. Finally there was magnetic jewellery that looked like actual jewellery — a revolution in the jewellery industry!

Beautiful and effective: The products quickly developed a large group of fans. Now Petra Döring sells her magnetic jewellery under the brand MAGNETIX Wellness.

No one disputes how great an effect magnetism has on all life. Try it out and see how it affects you and your life.

Getting started – super easy with our support.

Can't wait to do your first jewellery party and show everyone our wonderful MAGNETIX Wellness products? Or are you unsure how to go about running a presentation, whom to invite, what to talk about?

We make it really easy for you: We offer trainings throughout the year and our team and community of consultants will gladly support you every step of the way. And if you want, one of our experienced consultants will help you get going and teach you the business.

Here we go: Decide how you want to start!

* £6 postage excluded

** Under UK law a new Magnetix consultant may not pay for, or order products for more than GBP 200 (including VAP and shipping) for 7 days after the effective sign up date.
If an order exceeds this 200£ limit - the order will not be processed.